STAR Net Webinar: Viewing the Eclipse Through a Cultural Lens Link Bank

Webinar Slide Deck (Google Slides) (PowerPoint) (PDF)

Webinar recording

STAR Net Bilingual Spanish Language Resources Webinar

Mayan Astronomy and Eclipses

The Exploratorium’s Eclipse site

Navajo (Diné) Understanding of the Cosmos site from the Exploratorium

Ways of Knowing: Eclipses Around the World Slides/Cards from Night Sky Network

Print Books

El cielo y el espacio by Virginie Loubier et al 
Reading age: 5-8 years  

¡Sol! (Spanish Edition) by Stacy Mcanulty (Author), Stevie Lewis (Illustrator), David George (Translator)
Reading age: 7-9 

The Boy Who Touched the Stars/El niño que alcanzó las estrellas by José M. Hernández and Steven James Petruccio
Reading age: 9-13 years  

¿Quién es mayor, la luna o el sol? By Angels Navarro
Reading age: 10-12 years 

Star Stories: Constellations and People by Anthoni Aveni 
Cultural understandings of cosmology from around the world  

Con el sol en los ojos/With the Sun in My Eyes by Jorge Elias Lujan (Author, Morteza Zahedi (Illustrator)
Reading age: 7-9 years  

eBooks and PDFs

SEAL Solar Eclipses of 2023 and 2024 Guide for Public Libraries and their Communities PDF
SEAL Eclipses solares de 2023 y 2024 guía para las bibliotecas públicas y sus comunidades PDF

Traditions of the Sun: A Photographic Journey to the Yucatán Trilingual (Yucatec Mayan, Spanish, English) (Tsotsil Mayan)

Traditions of the Sun: The Sun-Earth Connection at Chaco Culture National Historical Park (English) (Spanish)

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