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Please review the list of our most frequently asked questions below.

General Questions

The STAR Net Community is a place where library staff can collaborate with other professionals and discover new and exciting opportunities that they can share with their patrons.

No. Anyone can view the content of our events, blogs, public groups and main activity/newsfeed. However, if you would like to participate (commenting, liking, sharing, etc.), you will need to sign up and sign in to your member account.

Upon completing our sign up form, you will be asked to confirm your email  address. After you receive the confirmation email, click on the link provided to confirm and activate your new member account. After your account is activated, you can login.


After you have signed in, you can access your profile and account information by clicking on your name/profile icon in the right side of the top navigation bar.

Yes! You are free to customize your profile and cover photos. You may also update other additional information such as your organization, occupation, education and share any other personal information about yourself.

We provide tools that will allow community members to control their login information (update email and password), email preferences (control notifications of site activity) and privacy settings (customize visibility settings).


The main community Newsfeed will show all site activity in which you have access (which varies from member to member), which can include member shared content or announcements, new event and blogs postings, public and private group discussions and updates to members you are connected with.

A community member (that is signed-in) can post general comments and/or replies to other user comments using standard formatting tools and emojis. Users can also upload photos, documents and share links from other websites that will create a preview with an image and text excerpt (if available).

Yes. You can sort the Newsfeed by likes, connections, groups and mentions through the tabs located at the top of the newsfeed section. You can also search the newsfeed by using keywords to find the specific content you are looking for.


This section provides a complete list of all the members that have joined the STAR Net Community. You can click into each individual member profile to see any information that each member has decided to share with the community.

Yes. This section has the ability to sort by your current connections, profile type as well as the most recently active, newest and alphabetical. You can also search community members by first name, last name and general keywords.

After you locate their profile in the members directory, simply click on the person icon on the bottom left of their profile block. You can also message them directly by clicking on the email icon on the bottom right of their profile block.


Groups allows members to organize themselves within a specific topic or project which can be made public, private or hidden. Groups contain their own newsfeed, member listing, forum discussions and much more.

No. You have to be a member of a group to see the content (posts, discussions, photos, documents, etc.). If you are a member of a group, you’ll be able to see any activity within the main Newsfeed of the community.

No. Not at this time. The STAR Net Community is new and we need to have the ability to properly organize and moderate the groups that are available. If you have an idea for a group, please contact one of our Group Organizers.


All forum discussions are connected to a group topic, so you’ll first need to be a member of a particular group before joining any of their forum discussions.

Once you’re a member of a group, visit the group page and click Discussions in the horizontal navigation. You can choose from any of the available discussions and participate by commenting or adding photos, documents and emojis.

Yes. You are allowed to create your own forum topics within the discussions of a particular group. Please keep the topics in line within the general theme of the group topic as this will be moderated as needed.


We are currently developing a reward system for our members participation in the community. As members earn points (coins and gems) for certain community activities and actions, there will be achievement levels which can then lead to assigned rewards.

Some of the site activities and actions that earn our members points (coins and gems) are daily visits to the site, visiting/reading a blog, creating an original post/comment, making a new connection, etc. For a full list of the activities and their points, click here.


If you have a question about the community that isn’t covered in any of the FAQs listed on this page, you can reach out to one of our community organizers below.

Stephanie Vierow-Fields | Anne Holland