NASA Inspires Futures for Tomorrow’s Youth (NIFTY) Application Announcement!

STAR Net is looking for 15 libraries from Tennessee, California, Minnesota, and Arizona, to take part in the NIFTY Project to connect youth (ages 9-14) with NASA role models. Apply Today!

NASA Inspires Futures for Tomorrow’s Youth (NIFTY) is a new NASA Science Activation initiative led by Twin Cities PBS in partnership the National Girls Collaborative and the Space Science Institute’s STAR Library Network. 

Girls and youth of color display high interest, confidence, and ability in STEM, but face multiple barriers including the intersectionality of racial, ethnic and gender stereotypes, low or no exposure to STEM role models, and low awareness of STEM fields and career pathways. 

NIFTY aims to broaden participation of youth (ages 9-14) in STEM, with a critical focus on girls and other historically excluded genders in STEM, which includes cis girls, trans youth, gender non-conforming, and/or non-binary youth. 

Application Deadline has been extended to February 24th, 2023 

Watch the Pre-Application Webinar recording:

Apply for NIFTY:

View Application Questions and Rubric here:

NIFTY Project FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is located here:

About the NIFTY Project and Program Requirements (find more details in the application) 

Libraries selected for the NIFTY Project will receive: 

  • $5,000 stipend 
  • Professional development in research-based gender equitable and culturally responsive instructional strategies, including the use of role models that validate and uplift youth learners 
  • Support in connecting with NASA professionals to serve as role models in library programs 
  • STEM activities and materials to support library programs 

Libraries selected for the NIFTY Project are expected to: 

  • Participate in virtual training workshops in June 2023 and November 2024 (two staff per library).
  • Facilitate two rounds of NASA-themed STEM programs with ten youth (ages 9-14) involving at least one NASA role model. Each round should include 10 hours of programs, the first running from July – December 2023 and the second round running from January – June 2025.  
  • Participate in project evaluation activities (see application for details). 

Reach out to Claire Ratcliffe Adams for questions at 


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