Adding Space to Summer Reading

As summer reading comes to a close, it’s also a good time to reflect and think about the next year. I am waiting patiently for a summer reading theme that talks about space again (The Collaborative Summer Learning Program did “A Universe of Stories” in 2019 and iRead did Mission Read to the Library and Beyond in 2007). However, space can be present in all summer reading themes and definitely are always of interest to children! 

Here are lots of ideas for incorporating space into summer reading (or any library programming for that matter). Also, make sure to take a look at the landing page from the 2019 Summer of Space, when StarNet partnered with CSLP for summer reading.

Slogan Ideas

  • Space Chase
  • Mission Read
  • A Galaxy of Stories
  • Fly High or Lift Off with Books
  • Race Across Space

Program Ideas

  • Partner with a local astronomy group to view the stars at night
  • Moon phase bingo or space loteria
  • Space “Boot Camp” for little kids with obstacles and astronaut training
  • STEM fair, with a variety of hands-on stations and experiments
  • Interactive movie watch (think Wall-E or Space Jam or a documentary)

Craft Ideas

  • Sun, earth, moon model craft
  • Moon phases flip book
  • DIY sundial
  • DIY constellation flashlight or telescope
  • Galaxy sensory bag

Passive Programs

  • Constellation dot to dot
  • Spell a star sensory bin
  • Travel through space/ find the planets scavenger hunt
  • Astronaut Hunt scavenger hunt (put key facts about famous astronauts around the department and have kids match up the facts to the astronaut)



  • Spaceship Toss
  • space/ astronaut walk
  • Astronaut dress up
  • Mission control stimulation/ board
  • Color a cardboard rocket ship

Did any space themed activities make it into your reading program this summer? I would love to hear in the comments.

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