Graphics, Flyers, and Illustrations for the SEAL Project

As part of the Solar Eclipse Activities for Libraries (SEAL) project, our team has developed a series of graphics that can be used by both public and state libraries facilitating solar science activities. Public libraries can use the following files to promote solar science programs and state libraries can use them to promote SEAL circulation kits and SEAL workshops. Subject Matter Experts that are working with public libraries may also find these graphics useful.


If you can’t find a particular graphic or illustration that you are looking for, email Amy Briones as SSI.


Click on the thumbnails below to be taken to the media file pictured. When on the media file page, right-click and “save image as” to download.

SEAL Logos

You are welcome to use the SEAL logo for any informal science learning programs that utilize any SEAL resources. This logo can not be used for any commercial / for-profit purposes.


STAR Net SEAL Page (for Library Staff)
Scigames Eclipse page for Library patrons
SciGames Eclipse Page (for Library Patrons)

SEAL Flyers

Orange SEAL flyer
Blue SEAL flyer

Editable SEAL flyers with space for State Library Logo

SLA Orange SEAL flyer
SLA Blue SEAL flyer

SEAL Flyers for Subject Matter Experts

SME Orange SEAL flyer
SME Blue SEAL flyer

SEAL Flyer about State Library Kits and Workshops

SEAL Kits and Workshops Flyer

Facebook Social Media Assets

Instagram Social Media Assets

Miscellaneous Graphics

For STAR Net, National Center for Interactive Learning, or SEAL project logos, please contact

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