Earth Science Week: Innovating for Earth and People

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Join STAR Net and the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) Program as we celebrate Earth Science Week! We will be showcasing GLOBE’s new documentary film series: Agents of Change. We will be joined by the director of the series, Jan Heiderer, and sharing hands-on activities all about water, Earth science, and innovation for a more sustainable world!


Claire Ratcliffe Adams
Education Associate
Space Science Institute

Jan Heiderer
Communications Coordinator
The GLOBE Implementation Office

Earth Science Week 2023

Agents of Change Video Series and Viewing Guide

Episode 1: Africa – Kenya
Creative GLOBE students in Ortum, Kenya, collecting environmental data using home-made weather instruments, find themselves the beneficiaries of a new 3D printed weather station.

Episode 2: Latin America and Caribbean – Brazil
Luis, age 9, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, develops a passion for exploring the habitats and life cycles of mosquitoes, and takes measures to eradicate the spread of mosquito-borne diseases in his community.

Episode 3: North America – United States
Students of the Mescalero Apache Reservation High School in New Mexico, USA, research air quality and find a way to protect their community from the devastating effects of breathing smoke from wildfires.

Episode 4: Near East and North Africa – Oman
Students in Oman attempt to find a solution to an issue affecting local farmers: low water levels and soil salinity.

Episode 5: Asia and Pacific – Nepal
GLOBE students and teachers from Nepal, India, Bhutan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States participate in the Nepal Lake Pokhara Expedition to learn about the most essential resource to life on Earth: water.

Episode 6: Europe and Eurasia – Croatia
Focusing on Croatia, one of the earliest adopters of The GLOBE Program, the film provides an understanding the origin of The GLOBE Program in the U.S. and its proliferation in the Europe and Eurasian region.

Hands-On Activities

STAR Net’s Online STEM Activity Clearinghouse

We are Water Activity Collection

Tree Rings: Recorders of Climate Change

Precipitation Towers




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