Discover Exoplanets: The Search for Alien Worlds Exhibit Opportunity Now Open

The Space Science Institute is pleased to announce a free NASA exhibit for public libraries. The next tour of ‘Discover Exoplanets: The Search for Alien Worlds’ will launch in June 2023, traveling to 9 libraries across the country. All public and tribal libraries are welcome to apply. The application will open on December 5th, 2022 and will close January 5th, 2023. (Application deadline has been extended to January 13th, 2023)

The exhibit, kits, and activities will focus on the discovery of exoplanets. What is an exoplanet? How do NASA scientists find planets around distant stars? What are these planets like, and is life possible on them?

Exhibit themes include exoplanet research, information around our own solar system, and how tools like the new James Webb Space Telescope expand what we know about exoplanets.


Word Doc version of Application:

Download Application Rubric here:

Exhibition and application FAQ is located here:

To Apply, click here 

A pre-application webinar was held on December 20th . See below for slides, recording, and chat. 

Webinar Recording:

Webinar Chat:

Webinar Slides:

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  1. Hi, for the Search of Exoplanets exhibit, before I apply for my library to host could I please see photos of the exhibit so I can visualize it in our space and would be extremely beneficial while filling out the application to have visuals.
    thank you.