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Anne Holland
Anne Holland
I work at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, CO
I can help you find resources, and connect to local STEM professionals/libraries.
Jennifer Collins
Jennifer Collins
How Science Works
Earth Science
Life Science
DC Metro
hands-on activities, guest scientist speakers
Deep Earth Academy – IODP
Deep Earth Academy – IODP
Our mission is to raise awareness about the science done below the seafloor and its central role in our understanding of the Earth’s past, present and future, teach science content and process, and inspire careers in science, technology, engineering and math.
Our approach includes use of authentic data, inquiry-centered activities and interdisciplinary explorations drawing from the adventures of the JOIDES Resolution ship and the earlier ocean drilling ship; the Glomar Challenger. We also connect audiences with real scientists in real time.
Across the country
hands-on activities, guest scientist speakers
National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space Science Institute
We are a non-profit research organization located in Boulder, CO. In addition to cutting edge space science research, we also manage library and museum exhibition programs, including STAR_Net
Creating exhibits, resources and workshops for STEM topics.
We hope to help foster relationships between librarians and STEM professionals!
Virginia Museum of Natural History
Virginia Museum of Natural History
VMNH Mission
To interpret Virginia's natural heritage within a global context in ways that are relevant to all citizens of the Commonwealth.
As the state’s museum of natural history serving the entire Commonwealth and beyond, VMNH has award-winning exhibits, ground-breaking scientific research and collections, and innovative educational programs for all ages. With its outreach education programs, online resources, and traveling exhibits and displays, the Virginia Museum of Natural History is truly an institution without walls.
The museum's innovative education programs reach students, teachers, and the general public statewide and throughout the region. From "at-the-museum" programs to outreach education programs that bring the museum to locations across the Commonwealth, the museum's education programs are correlated directly to the Virginia Standards of Learning and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. VMNH educators are leaders in the field of informal science education throughout the state, providing a vital link between the museum's important research and collections programs and all citizens of Virginia and beyond.
VMNH Department of Education and Public Programs
Sample STEM Programming

• Edventures
Students incorporate science and math skills as they investigate the field of mechanical engineering.

• Imagine That!
Students will use Legos to build and discover the importance of simple machines and trade their Legos for recycles materials to build their very own Goldberg-like contraption.

• Robotics
Explore the basic principles and applications of Robotics. Design, build, and solve problems through several hands-on projects.

• Lego Challenges
Complete challenges and solve problems using Edventures© Lego materials.

• SciExplorers
Students solve a design challenge using parachutes.

Engineering is Elementary
• A Slick Solution: Cleaning an Oil Spill
Solve the challenge of cleaning an oil spill and discover the consequences of pollution.

• Taking the Plunge: Designing Submersibles
Explore the ocean and apply floating and sinking concepts to create a submersible.

• Catching the Wind: Designing Windmills
Discover the importance of wind energy and create your own “wind-catching” machine.

• Solid as a Rock: Replicating an Artifact
Create an artifact by applying your knowledge of the properties of rocks.

• Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages
Master the design challenges that packaging provides by solving a unique packaging challenge.

• A Stick in the Mud: Evaluating a Landscape
Explore the processes and factors that influence design construction.

Speedy Building
Students will use Legos, axles, and wheels to build cars to race to explore motion, friction, energy, and simple machines. They will measure distance and time traveled, and will construct a graph to understand how to calculate speed.

"Summer Camps"
• Doodle Bugs Summer Science Explorers: Build Your World!
You and your child will have fun designing and building together, all while developing your little one’s early math and science skills.

• Engineering Challenge
Construct the tallest building, motorize a car, or build a fan to cool off! Campers will use Legos to build fun creations while exploring basic science and engineering concepts.

• The Great Lunch Adventure
Join us on a food journey from farm to table. Visit a working farm, plant your own vegetables, learn the nutritional and environmental benefits of eating local foods, create a meal, and take part in our local farmer’s market. It will be the best tasting week of the summer!

"Doodle Bugs!" (pre-school and adult)
• Be the Scientist!
Bring your budding scientist to our classroom laboratory and explore the world of science.

• Terrific Trees
Trees are important year round. Come and discover the fascinating world of trees.

• Turkey Time
We are going wild about turkeys! Come and learn to strut and gobble like a turkey and take home turkey tid-bits to share throughout the holidays.

• What’s Up?
Fascinated with the sky? Come learn about clouds, weather, and other interesting things in the sky and beyond.

• Land and Sea
• Fizzle, Float, Pop!
• Let’s Get Physical
• Making Music- Resources (3 R’s)
• Build Your World Lego Design

"Homeschool Wednesdays"
• Scientific Investigation
• Plants: Inside and Out
• Animal Adventures
• Enrichment – Ecosystems, Interactions, and Dynamics;
• Up, Up, and Away (meteorology and astronomy)
• Earth Materials and Processes
• Enrichment – Earth and Human Activity;
• Matter
• Energy
• Enrichment – Physical Sciences in Everyday Life
• Engineering Design
• Engineering and Society
• Engineering Enrichment
Martinsville, Charlottesville, and Newport News Virginia
On-site and outreach education programs
Carla Johns, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Carla Johns, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Informal Education
STEM as it relates to all things NASA. Inspiring the next generation.
Pasadena, CA
STEM related presentations and content in informal settings
Informed by Nature
Informed by Nature
Informed by Nature (IBN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to advance the public understanding and appreciation of science, from its elegant approach to its awe-inspiring results. We are dedicated to encouraging lifelong learning, promoting critical thinking, and celebrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.
K-12 education, college education, informal science education, hands-on activities
Los Angeles/CA
Online references, science project archive, networking
Little Priest Tribal College Library
Little Priest Tribal College Library
both an academic and a public library serving Thurston County, NE
hosted Discover Earth, pilot library for Pushing the Limits grant
Winnebago, NE
meeting space
Amy Koester
Amy Koester
Children's Librarian, Corporate Parkway Branch of the St. Charles City-County Library District
preschool science programming, school-age science programming, STEAM programming, STEM services in library spaces
Wentzville, Missouri
I can provide resources for youth programming ideas, support, and resources.
Mike Kruse
Mike Kruse
Batesville Memorial Public Library, Batesville, IN, USA
Granted a telescope from Cincinnati Observatory's 40 Galileos Project. Conducts astronomy programming for the public.
Batesville, IN
Batesville Memorial Public Library
public program ideas
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